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Why we're urgently working to build new dormitories:

Given the number of children we have, there is a need to find adequate living and sleeping space for them. Our existing dormitory is a single, small space.

Sleeping in a cramped space is not good for the health of the children due to poor ventilation. This can lead to respiratory disorders and violations of Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs) as dictated by Ugandan government policies governing homes and schools.

Having a limited space also makes it hard to provide adequate sanitation and cleanliness which may lead to bed bugs and other related diseases. We can reduce health expenses by improving sanitary conditions.

Additionally, as our children have grown up over the past few years, there is now a need to separate girls and boys since some of them are entering adolescence and require privacy.

Our approach and success plan:

As we begin to receive donations for this project, we shall start purchasing materials such as cement, bricks, sand, and tools. Once we have adequate supplies to begin laying the foundations, we shall kick off work immediately!

We have shared our building plans and budget here, and our donors have the authority to allocate what exactly their funds should support on this particular project if they so wish.

As usual, on our social media, we will post photo and video updates of how your generous funds have been put to use on this particular project.


We invite you to fundraise and call upon your friends and family to support this truly life-changing project!

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